Recent equipment & gear entries

  • Ampeg Reverberocket - Fabulous tremolo and reverb. Perfect grab and go!

    Ampeg Reverberocket

    My good friend, Paul Braddock, always raves about these beasties. Mike Campbell, the Rolling Stones, The Faces are all notable users of Ampeg! I heard 'Good Rockin At Midnight' which I believe was recorded in one take by Jeff Beck with a Reverberocket. I picked one up through a friend of mine, Roland Lumby from the 'Amp Clinic' who restored it. Fantastic... Read more »

  • VOX AC 30 - A legend, and justifiably so...

    VOX AC 30

    I picked up a copy of Rory Gallagher's 1972 'Live in Europe' when I started playing guitar in 1974. It was clear, I had to own an AC30. 'Messin' with the Kid' sounded incredible... So I found one, almost mint from 1962 with the brass vents on the top and of course, Celestion Alnico 'blue bulldog speakers'. Guess what, I sold it. What a nob... Read more »

  • Germino Classic 45 - The very best Marshall JTM 45 out there

    Germino Classic 45

    My first amplifiers were Marshall JTM45's. I owned two of them, blew an output transformer, sold them, bought another in the 90's and sold that. The fact is I keep coming back to this amplifier and now have the ultimate clone available - totally breathtaking. Read more »

Live Shows

Simon is not currently touring at the moment but he’s tuning his gear ready for the next lineup which is bound to take place soon. Stick around for more info.